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Our Mother/Infant unit is designed to meet the needs of low and moderate risk childbearing patients. This department provides a comfortable atmosphere that promotes a safe environment with up-to-date medical equipment. This department has eight labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum suites offering complete care in one room. These large, private suites have a comfortable, home-like atmosphere and are equipped with birthing beds, hand held showers, and rocker-recliners. The unit also contains a nursery and a baby procedure room.

To protect your baby we have a secured unit. Unfortunately, we must limit the number of visitors at one time for each patient. This protection is to assist in preventing an infant abduction, controlling infectious diseases, and allowing the family privacy.

The MHTC Maternal/Infant Unit's philosophy is to promote a gratifying birth experience for the whole family. The Maternal/Infant Unit promotes Family Centered Care. Family Centered Care means that your nurse will care for both you and your baby. We encourage that the baby 'room-in' with mom. However, if the baby needs additional nursing care it may be best for the baby to room in the nursery.

Our staff respects your wishes and we want you to be included in your plan of care. For example, we have various methods of pain management from intrathecals (spinals) to natural childbirth. If your baby needs to arrive by C-section, our surgery crew is available 24/7 to be there.

The unit is staffed with trained obstetrics RN's, LPN's, OB Techs, and a Unit Secretary. You and your healthcare team direct your care. Our staff is sensitive to each mom's and/or families special request.

State of the Art Care & Screening for Mothers & Babies

Hearing loss is the most frequently occurring birth defect for newborns in this country. Every year 12,000 babies are diagnosed with hearing loss. 90-95 % of these babies are born to hearing parents. Thanks to a new state of the art newborn hearing screen machine, MHTC is able to help identify possible hearing loss in newborns so that early intervention can be initiated. The new machine & training on hearing loss was provided to MHTC by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The ALGO 5 hearing screener is the newest technology available for detecting possible hearing loss.

As well as screening for hearing loss, the state of Oklahoma also requires each newborn be screened for 54 rare medical conditions before being discharged from the hospital. Compare this to Texas who screens for only 27 conditions and Kansas who screens for 29.

One more way Oklahoma provides the best start for your baby.

MHTC uses the latest technology in monitoring mothers & babies during labor through their GE Centricity Perinatal System. This system allows nurses to monitor the well­ being of patients anywhere in the department thus improving patient safety & satisfaction for everyone involved. Technology this advanced cannot usually be found in small rural hospitals. In fact, the closest hospital to MHTC to utilize a monitoring system this sophisticated is over 100 miles away. Just another way MHTC brings cutting edge health care technology to Guymon & the surrounding communities.

If you have any more questions about the services we render here at Memorial Hospital of Texas County, please, contact us here.